Stand up, Fight back–
in Texas.

Represent Texas is a grassroots organization committed to investing in the growth of progressive infrastructure in rural Texas.

For too long, Texas has let large swaths of our state remain uncontested and underrepresented. That ends now. Represent Texas is a grassroots organization that is committed to investing in the growth of progressive infrastructure in the Lone Star State, and recruiting/supporting Texas candidates who are committed to fight for working people.

Contribute today to help build the progressive infrastructure needed for long-term growth in every square inch of Texas!

What We Stand For

Represent Texas is dedicated to recruiting and supporting progressive organizations and candidates for office in areas of Texas needed for strategic gains. We want representatives who actually lead-- not Texans who blindly follow shadowy special-interest groups.

Texas is the biggest battleground state in the country. And if we aren’t willing to make strategic investments across the state, we will not be able to create lasting, meaningful change.

We support organizations who lay the groundwork for progressive change in areas of our state where progressive infrastructure has been absent, and candidates who can expand representation by advocating for policies to help Texans most-- expanding Medicaid, promoting universal rural broadband, investing in strong public schools, and providing solutions in the fight for affordable, safe healthcare access. To do that, we must take this fight to parts of our state that are overlooked-- and Represent Texas PAC is committed to fighting those hard fights.

We will help partner organizations and endorsed candidates with field operations, analytics and other big-ticket upfront costs to help remove barriers to entry to launching effective campaigns. Through aggressive recruitment, training and support in every corner of Texas, we can ensure more Texans have quality choices on Election Day.

A lack of serious contests in big swaths of Texas have led to a breakdown in government, and our legislature has stopped working for us. It's time to break up the “good ol’ boy's club” whose actions have put our health, infrastructure and environment in danger.

We're creating a new generation of Texan talent.

Texas is a big state Progressive, politically motivated Texans deserve to have a way to stay in and fight for Texas.

We fight everywhere, for everyone.

We won’t back down from a fight. Texans across the state deserve diverse, dynamic leadership that puts their interests first.

Who We Are

Represent Texas is led by Kendall Scudder, the current Finance Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party.

Kendall Scudder

Born and raised in rural NE Texas, Kendall Scudder has been organizing Democratic campaigns since before he could vote. After receiving his degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University, Kendall came back home and was the first millennial to be nominated by a major political party for the Texas State Senate and served for four years as the State Democratic Executive Committeeman. Today, Kendall serves as the Vice Chair for Finance of the Texas Democratic Party and is a candidate for his Masters in Political Management at George Washington University. Kendall has helped on every type of campaign from local utility district boards to presidential campaigns, but prefers hard races in tough districts.

“People in forgotten parts of our state deserve champions, too.”

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